Introducing Global Lean Alliance
September 30, 2019
Global Lean Alliance Accelerates During COVID-19 Lockdown
April 7, 2020

Clients leverage off the Global Lean Alliance approach from Demarken Group and Productivity People

The recent establishment of the Global Lean Alliance (GLA), an initiative of Productivity People in New Zealand and Demarken Group in Australia, to leverage Capability, Capacity and Connections for Lean transformations globally, has resulted in interest from a number of national and international firms. The scale, expertise and networks the GLA brings became apparent recently.

On a visit to two of Demarken Group clients in Australia, it was clear that the improvement benefits at Consolidated Plastics and Mackay Conveyor Equipment achieved from ‘Flight Deck’, a Demarken offering, was equally applicable to Productivity People’s clients in discrete manufacturing in New Zealand. Keenan Jansen from Demarken Group explains: “Flight Deck is THE solution to getting your teams organised and working together to deliver client outcomes”.  Brendon Refalo, MD and owner of Consolidated Plastics said that Flight Deck has dramatically improved the level of transparency in business process resulting in improved daily planning and vastly improved monthly throughput in terms of meeting and exceeding targets.

Visit our websites for the GLA, Productivity People and Demarken Group to learn more about the benefits of the structured approach to business productivity improvements these organisations offer.