Forging The Global Lean Alliance
Productivity People and Demarken Group establish partnership
September 26, 2019
Clients leverage off the Global Lean Alliance approach from Demarken Group and Productivity People
November 5, 2019

Introducing Global Lean Alliance

Recently we announced the establishment of the partnership between Productivity People and Demarken Group (read more here). We are now proud to introduce the Global Lean Alliance (, offering our clients double the scale, expertise and networks to accelerate business productivity improvement and increase competitiveness in an ever shrinking world.

The Global Lean Alliance (GLA) has a singular purpose: transformational and sustained client performance improvement outcomes. The GLA will have professional services firms of various disciplines aligned around this purpose, with an engagement method that underscores our values of respect for people and continuous improvement and an integrated management systems approach.

The benefits for clients include:

  • Increased access to the latest thinking in integrated business improvement practices
  • Increased scale, access to local resource and with that improved delivery performance
  • Access to proven and robust improvement practices, products and specialist knowledge, including new developments
  • A much greater network of like-minded firms who believe that “better never stops”, have a growth and learning mindset and believe in sharing their knowledge in the same way they benefited from other firms before them

Visit our websites for the GLA (, Productivity People ( and Demarken Group ( to learn more about the benefits of the structured approach to business productivity improvements these organisations offer.

More news on joint client visits of the GLA will follow; please stay tuned in.

“Leveraging capability, capacity and connections for lean transformations globally”
An initiative by Demarken Group Pty Ltd in Australia and Productivity People Ltd in New Zealand

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